Kids in Focus is a Qualifying Charitable Organization

Kids In Focus Tax Credit

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program, you now have an added incentive to support Kids in Focus. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit against your Arizona State taxes owed on amounts up to $400 individually or $800 if you file jointly. You’ll pay the same total amount whether you use the tax credits or just pay the tax, so why not have a say in how the money is spent by choosing Kids in Focus as the benefactor?

A tax credit provides a much greater savings than a deduction. A tax credit directly and equally reduces the amount you pay the state. A tax deduction reduces the amount of income on which you are taxed. Simply put, every dollar you donate to KIF will directly reduce the amount of taxes you owe. Should you be lucky enough to receive a refund, the amount of your donation will be added to that amount! A $400 donation to KIF will become a $400 credit on your State tax return.

Donate via Paypal

Make your donation by credit card (at left) or mail a check payable to Kids in Focus to 3104 E Camelback Rd, Box 831, Phoenix AZ 85016. Donations made by the April tax deadline will receive the state tax credit for the previous year.

Please consult your tax professional regarding your individual situation. For additional questions, contact the Department of Revenue at or 602-255-3381.